The Cider House Rules: Chapter 11 – Breaking the Rules

And so the chapter by chapter reflection on The Cider House Rules by John Irving has come to a close. But, the podcast episode is still on its way and there is a lot more to come from “A Year of Big Books”! Stay tuned!

A Year of Big Books Podcast

Dear friend,

As I turned the final pages of this book, a strange sensation came over me. There is always a sense of accomplishment when finishing a book. But this is my first big book read in 2017. I want to say that this experience has made me optimistic for the future of this challenge. Indeed I am pretty excited. But can I just be honest? It is only going to get worse from here! I say that with love.


The very idea of setting out to read over 30 big books in one year is an insane task. I’m kind of questioning my own sanity when I came up with the idea. While I am still very much pumped about this challenge, I’m also very nervous as to all the reading I’m going to have to be doing in place of common place things such as eating, sleeping, and…

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