Carry On: Chapters 42-45

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Dear friend,

Have I mentioned to you that I hate winter? I hate it with a passion. A few days ago we received a massive amount of snowfall that has dressed our lawns and sidewalk curbs. Yesterday I pulled up to a friend’s house and opened my car door to a gray, hardened mass of frozen water that I had to climb over to reach untainted sidewalk. Yes, winter is the bane of my existence.


Apparently for our protagonist Simon Snow, Baz used to be the bane of his existence. Now he is not so sure. The two young men have formed a binding truce (Half-Blood Prince-in it up!) to help one another on this mission to discover who killed Baz’s mom and not harm each other during the process. There is a really fine detail that I appreciate when the two took hands that Simon could feel…

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