North and South: Chapters 1-42

Today I talk about the book North and South by John Jakes!

A Year of Big Books Podcast

Dear friend,

You are a history buff, something I most certainly am not. I’d like to think that I could pick up a huge book about the beginnings of America and read it without getting tired or bored. However, I should not kid myself. I have always struggled with history. Then again, I’ve struggled with most subjects learned in school. Now that I am out of school, I wish I had school back. Funny how that works.


We studied the Civil War in 8th grade and it was a subject that fascinated me. I can’t quite say why it took hold of me the way it did. I remember how engrossed I became during History and English classes, while we studied Civil War literature and went over details about famous battles. Our 8th grade trip to Gettysburg is among my favorite middle school memories (in the sense that I remember loving…

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