North and South: Chapters 43-70

Enjoy the newest A Year of Big Books letter. I have finished North and South and have some very strong opinions

A Year of Big Books Podcast

Dear friend,

This is the fourth book I have read for A Year of Big Books. Over halfway through the book, I became very annoyed with it. Anxious to finish reading, I read as often as possible with lots of speed and little care for the book in general. At the start of reading this book, I was convinced it was the best of the year thus far. With my opinions clearly altered very quickly, I began to question what it was that made me take this from being a 4 star book to a 2 star book.


When I first started reading, what stood out to me was the multiple perspectives in the novel. I loved seeing America from different P.O.V’s and reading about the bonding between Orry and George at West Point. You remember, I love war novels. I’m still not quite sure why. This book didn’t have…

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