All the Light We Cannot See

The newest chapter by chapter letter has finally arrived…at long last. Good grief!

A Year of Big Books Podcast

Dear friend,

This letter is coming to you later than usual. I apologize. This week has kept me very busy and although I would like to blame it on productivity, I have to admit that it also has to do with my recent obsession with the Uncharted games for the Playstation 4. #cray #sorrynotsorry

I was supposed to write to you last Wednesday, and I have a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why I did not do this as I promised. Ready? Well, I decided to try out an audio letter. Would ya believe it sucked? Yeah…it really did. No lie.

I attempted to record the letter again but to pretty much the same results…me feeling shitty about my decisions and my self esteem dropping several degrees. Plus, I have wanted to avoid audio letters from the start of this project so it was a bit counter productive to try…

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