A Game of Thrones: Chapters 16-34

Alas, tis another Chapter by Chapter for “A Game of Thrones.”

A Year of Big Books Podcast

Dear friend,

I listen to chapters from A Game of Thrones so quickly that often I write nothing down about them. Then, my time is stretched so that writing chapter notes has to be put to the wayside. Thus, I am going entirely by memory for these chapters. And, if we’ve learned anything, my memory sucks. Well…that isn’t entirely true. I guess I should say when it sucks, it really sucks. It is an extreme. To summarize, this letter won’t be too focused or concerned with minute details as I usually try to be but of late have ignored.


Over the years I think my love for these books has been combined with my love of commentary on these books. When I first began watching the show and reading, I listened to “Game of Owns” or more commonly known as GOO. Then I transitioned to listening to “Cast of Thrones.”…

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