The Portrait of a Lady: Chapters I – XVIII

At long last (that phrase may become the signature of this blog), here is a new chapter by chapter. Today I reflect on “The Portrait of a Lady.”

A Year of Big Books Podcast

Dear friend,

At long last, I am here writing to you once more. I have been super busy. Like…it’s kind of a problem. Let me put it to you this way. My day is made up of several different things. There are my responsibilities at home, my writing time, job hunting, and then there is recreation which can include playing a videogame or watching TV or reading a book. Here is where the problem comes in. I try to space out my reading during the day so that I don’t grow bored or tired or feel like I’m not accomplishing anything. But what ends up happening is that I sit down to read and immediately my brain can’t seem to focus on the text in front of me. All I can think about is my to do list and how I could be playing a videogame instead of reading this…

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