Children of Eden by Joey Graceffa REVIEW

YouTube has entered an Eden unto itself in these past few years. It is a world where suddenly people who create content via the form of online video, be it good or bad, are now dipping their toes into the pond of literature. Personalities like Tyler Oakley, Hannah Hart, Shane Dawson, and more released their true life stories onto bookshelves. They took a bite of the literary apple and suddenly YouTubers entered the written world. They wrote memoirs, self help books, books with funny pictures, and some even wrote fiction. But a big question loomed above the clouds. Could YouTubers actually write? Ehhh, not really. It seems that taking a bite of this apple can only lead to poison or eternal damnation in the literary community.

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2016: A Literary Reflection // 2017: A Literary Look Ahead

If you have used the internet at all during the year of 2016, then you will be well aware that there is a growing consensus that 2016 has been the literal worst. A lot of bad stuff happened this year. To name a few things: Brexit, Aleppo / Syria, Killer Clowns, Ghost Busters, Donald Trump, Pulse Nightclub, police brutality, and the dozen of celebrity deaths including Christina Grimmie, Alan Rickman, George Michael, David Bowie, Harper Lee, Doris Roberts, Prince, Gene Wilder, Gwen Ifill, Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds, Florence Henderson, and more. Continue reading “2016: A Literary Reflection // 2017: A Literary Look Ahead”

How to Make Sense of the Election – A Blog of Resources

This blog post is a bit different from my past work. It has been almost two weeks since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. Now, I have my opinions and they are too unorganized to post right now…and quite frankly I would not feel any better typing them out or recording a podcast over them. It just isn’t worth the annoyance and anger it will cause me. I’m just tired.

That being said, I know many people are hurting and trying to make sense of what has happened. There is a lot to think about and I am losing track of it all. So I am making a list. The list is for myself and for anyone who cares to read. Below I have provided links to what I have been watching, reading, and listening to, and hopefully this will help us understand why Trump was elected, what it means moving forward, and what we can do to promote love.

These resources are all a diverse group of perspectives and while I find something to gain from all of them, some of them I find harder to swallow than others. But please know these are supposed to give us (and myself) a chance to hear all sides and just listen. However, as an avid Trump opponent, I will outright say that I do not promote any hate that exists in these sources. It is not tolerated, it is not to be normalized, but only exists on this list as a way to gain perspective on why this happened.

Some things I have yet to consume and I will put a star by these to make you aware of this fact because time is slim at the moment and I can’t do it all before I want this post to go up. Continue reading “How to Make Sense of the Election – A Blog of Resources”

My Favorite Book Is: Some Love, Some Pain, Sometime; Guest Blog by Jarreau Freeman

My favorite book is my favorite book for many reasons. It’s not because it has some artfully crafted plot, takes place in a whimsical setting, or possesses a cast of dynamic characters, although the characters in the book are certainly quirky and endearing in their own right. Continue reading “My Favorite Book Is: Some Love, Some Pain, Sometime; Guest Blog by Jarreau Freeman”

My Favorite Book Is: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland; Guest Blog by Blaine Tonee

Hello, fellow readers! The topic of this blog is supposed to be “My Favorite Book”, but since it’s been a while since I’ve read mine (The Road by Cormac McCarthy, in case you were wondering) I would instead like to share with you another one of my top picks. Last year, as a first-year high school teacher, I was both surprised and delighted to find Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland on the tenth-grade approved reading list for my district and, as it was one of only three books on the list I had actually read at the time, I did not hesitate to add it to my curriculum. Now in my second year of teaching this book I have gained more insight about it than I ever really cared to know, but I can say for certain that I have a far greater appreciation for Alice’s Adventures now than I did when I first read it. Continue reading “My Favorite Book Is: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland; Guest Blog by Blaine Tonee”